Skin Care is Self-Care

The new year is here, and while I don’t subscribe to resolutions, as I believe they set you up for failure (more on that this Friday on the pod), I do think this is an excellent time to redirect some of that money you’re spending left and right on silly things…sorry, but flat tummy tea? In 2022? Baby, no.

But skincare?


You can never spend enough on quality skincare products.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and with all of the resources available at our disposal, can someone please tell me why people are putting acidic items like lemons on their faces? Or why they’re still using damaging scrubs with crushed walnuts or apricots?

So today, I’m here to sell you on upgrading your skincare with one of my favorite brands: SkinCeuticals.

And let me preface this with the obvious: I’m not a medical expert. But I have worked in medical marketing for a bit, with an emphasis on aesthetic-based marketing. And I’ve been to my share of Aesthetic conferences, which are so great because you spend a weekend immersed in learning about the world of dermatology, plastic surgery, and my favorite topic skincare.

Listen, skincare is self-care.

There are two things you need in life to feel great:

  1. Quality lingerie/undergarments – bonus points if they match your bra
  2. Top-tier skincare

When you look good, you feel good. And besides, who wants bad skin?

I will probably do an in-depth blog on this particular brand at some point, but let me give you the elevator pitch: SkinCeuticals is a brand devoted to improving your skin health. They believe in three core principles: prevent, protect, and correct. Their products work great solo, or in tandem with popular cosmetic procedures. 

Pricing can seem steep, but it’s your skin – so why should you cheap out? But really, most of the products are pretty affordable when you consider their efficacy. The standout product is their CE Ferulic which is stupidly expensive, but you know why? Because its quality is unmatched.

If you’re dipping your toes into the skincare pond, let’s start with two basics: a toner, and some sort of moisturizing agent. 

While I believe everyone should work out their skincare regime with their dermatologist, or esthetician, everyone needs toner and moisturizer. 

LHA Toner

Formulated for oily and combination skin, this glycolic acid toner effortlessly removes clogged pores and removes surface dead skin cells with lipo-hydroxy acid. Featuring a low pH, this gentle toner brilliantly brightens skin, while exfoliating.

Best of all, this toner is free of synthetic fragrances which can be drying to your skin!


Okay, I’m legit obsessed with this bad boy. Pricing is very competitive for all the benefits you receive. This is a gentle face cream that not only moisturizes but maintains your moisture barrier. Best suited for normal to dry skin, this is a product I feel like everyone needs in their skincare arsenal.

Emollience perks include:

  • Speedy and even absorption
  • Natural extracts and luxe essential oils
  • Optimal for those in colder climates or high altitudes

Skincare really is self-care. This year I implore you to invest in your skin.

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