Stop Complaining. Start Doing.

The new year is just days away and while everyone is throwing links your way for “life-changing” products, let me hit you with some more (unsolicited) advice.

You can and will become the person you are meant to become if you believe in yourself.

Your mind is such a powerful tool, and if you spend your days and nights thinking about why you’re worthless, or how you haven’t achieved everything you ever wanted from this life – that will be your life.

Thinking something is impossible, means it will be impossible for you. Because you have already given up.

Best Practices for Grabbing Life by the Balls from The Girl in Gucci Glasses:

  • Keep your circle small, but full.
    • If you surround yourself with movers and shakers, you too will rise to the occasion.
  • Wake up early, and go to bed on time. When you get your rest, you’re happier, glow more, and wake up ready to kick ass
  • Speak up. Have more confidence in yourself and your moves. Time to stop letting people gaslight and steamroll you. Your voice matters.
  • Celebrate your wins…even if they’re small
  • Make your bed. Every damn morning. When you wake up and accomplish something right out the gate, you set the tone for the day. Plus, your room just looks better.

Doors don’t open until you open your mind. And on the flip side, you won’t open new doors, using old habits.

In 2022, it’s time for you to start believing in yourself and grow.

You can and will do everything you have ever dreamt of.

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