The Self-Care Edit

So you’re needing a little extra love right about now, huh?

I totally get it.

Whether you’re back in quarantine, or just stressed from the perils of adulting — I’ve got you.

That’s why I’ve created this edit of self-care essentials.

UMA Pure Calm Candle

I originally received UMA’s Pure Calm Candle for my birthday last year. The scent was so captivating, and soothing that I knew I needed to purchase another, STAT!

Featuring some of my favorite transcending botanicals like:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Lavender
  • Rose

This candle is sure to bring positivity and serenity.

Best of all? This is an organic, cruelty free and vegan candle. So not only am I confident that I’m not inhaling any toxins, but I’m not contributing to the unnecessary harm of animals.

Price is on the higher end, but when you look at the clean ingredients and ethical sourcing, it’s worth it.

Burning best practices: trim the wick to 1/3 at all times, and never burn longer than 4 hours at a time. And this shouldn’t be said BUT: do not burn unattended.

Fresh Floral Recovery Calming Mask

It’s no secret that I subscribe to the philosophy that skincare is self-care. And a good face mask really can be the best pick-me-up!

Having rituals is not only cathartic, but it gives you something to look forward to.

This particular mask from Fresh is an overnight one, and it’s great at reducing redness and providing a more balanced skin tone.

In addition to the Vitamin C which assists in the skin brightening process, this is packed with botanicals:

  • Passionflower (this is great for hydrating!)
  • Cornflower
  • Cherry blossom
  • Peony

Sakara’s Ultimate Tea Collection

Did you know that drinking tea provides multiple health benefits? I’ll admit, I never used to like tea. But as I walked into adulthood, I realized the amount of caffeine I consumed on a daily basis was not sustainable.

Back in the day, I worked at Free People as a stylist. And working there expanded my product knowledge. I learned more about natural wellness products and brands.

One such brand was Sakara. They make so many nutritious and fun things. But today we are talking about their standout Tea Collection.

The Tea Collection offers teas for every need, whether it be detoxing or falling asleep with ease.

Best part? There are only natural, medicinal herbs, and absolutely no caffeine.

Creating a self-care ritual, no matter how simple, is an excellent way to nourish you mind, and soul. Having a ritual in place is a great way to manage anxiety, stress, and prevent burnout.

Shop my self-care edit here on LTK!

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