Perfectly Posh

Okay besties, with a recession looming and us all wanting to up our finance game, I’m about to let you in on a great way to make money: Poshmark.

It’s no secret I love fashion. My style is all over the place, and because I consume so much, I like to rotate my closet rather frequently, while being sustainable.

To keep my closet fresh I tend to do two things:

  • Sell select pieces on Poshmark.
  • Donate new or gently used clothing to my local women’s shelter.

If you’re new to Posh, it’s an app where you can buy and sell clothes that are either new or gently used.

This year I became a Posh Ambassador. As an Ambassador I wanted to share some helpful hints:

  • Take great photos. Bonus points if you have a photo wearing the item you listed. Sometimes this can lead to you selling more than you bargained for, as people feel inspired by your styling photos.
  • Communicate with buyers. Answer questions, offer bundled discounts, and treat people with kindness.
  • Sell relevant brands. There are some brands that take more time to sell, and others (American Eagle,) that I often sell same day.
  • Package your sales with love. Details matter. And just because you’re not operating out of a physical store doesn’t mean to skip the deets. I use cute mailer bags, custom notecards, and tissue paper. People are choosing to spend their hard earned money with you, so show them some love.
  • Plan for taxes. New tax laws mean any profit exceeding $600 is reported. Be mindful of this and put aside the necessary savings so there are no surprises next year during tax time!
Show off! Post photos of you wearing the listed outfit for more visibility and reshares.

My experience on Poshmark has been phenomenal and anytime there’s been an issue (twice in my entire Posh career spanning 5 years,) Posh has quickly remedied the issue.

If you’re looking to start your closet, sign up with code: JASMINEMJONES or just click here.

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