My experience consigning with The Real Real

Have you ever looked for something to wear, stared intently at several closets that were stuffed to the brim, and still not landed on a suitable look? Maybe you even ended the experience flustered and ordered something new.

That’s what it’s like when I go through my closets.

Somewhere along the way, I got caught up in one too many “great deals,” along with keeping things that I outgrew, and styles that just were no longer my vibe.

Vintage YSL round toe pumps, I’m looking at you.

Last year I decided to start consistently listing on Poshmark, which you can read more about here. I earned nearly $10K from clearing out my closet.

This year I wanted to continue the momentum.

However, not everything would be an easy sale.

My higher end items such as my YSL pumps, Dior clutch, or even my Golden Goose were nearly impossible to sell on my own.

That’s where The Real Real came in.

I reached out to TRR and decided to empty my closet and see what I could get back as cash or site credit.

I reached out to TRR client care and they arranged an in home pickup. The process was quick, and that evening my items were already en route to their processing center where they would be sorted, tagged and listed.

Doing this was such a game changer because it eliminated stress, cleared out some much needed closet space, and helped the planet out.

Something I love about consigning is the fact clothes get a second life and you earn some money in the process. And the ultimate winner? The environment.

Wondering what to consign?

  • Women’s blazers
  • Tennis bracelets
  • Designer wallets
  • Diamond earrings

Let’s talk about money

While I don’t regret my decision to consign with TRR, as I truly needed to make room in my closets, I would probably not do it again. I know you’re not supposed to expect to make back what you paid, but receiving $37 for new without box Tory Burch sandals didn’t feel too good.

TRR is an excellent place for buyers to find some amazing deals on luxe items, but if you’re a seller trying to make some extra cash, I would recommend other options.

Whether you opt to consign on Poshmark, Mercari or with The Real Real, this new year I challenge you to make some space and let go of styles you’re no longer wearing but still clinging to.


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