Why Resolutions Suck

If you’re like me, you’ve done it. You’ve made a New Year’s resolution that you’re going to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, and basically get your shit together.

And then the first month of the year comes around and…nothing.

Here’s what happens: you set that goal for yourself, and you get all fired up about it for a little bit (because hey—we want to be healthy and do all the things!) but then we inevitably go back to our old habits as soon as our new resolutions start to get tough. It’s like we’ve never learned anything at all!

So why do we keep doing this? Why do we keep setting ourselves up for failure? Because setting goals is challenging! I mean, sure—they give us something specific to work toward, but they also make us feel powerless in the sense that there are so many things that are out of our control.

New Year’s resolutions are a great idea, but they’re not the best way to make things happen.

Instead of focusing on what you want to do in the new year, focus on what you can do now.

If you’re trying to lose weight like millions of others in the new year, don’t just make a resolution—make a plan.

  • What will it take for you to lose weight?
  • How can you clean up your diet slowly instead of all at once?
  • Can you get someone else to help motivate you by setting goals together?

Once you’ve decided on how much time and effort it will take for your resolution to become a reality, write down a plan for each day of the month. Then execute that plan! Don’t be afraid to fail if things don’t go as planned; try again until they do!

The key to success with anything is consistency.

So am I expecting to magically be someone new this year?

Absolutely not.

But am I hoping to continue my journey of growth, while setting sustainable, yet practical goals?


And I encourage you to do the same. Keep trying. Don’t give up, especially on yourself.


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