The app you need to be on: Poshmark

Queen of the side hustle, here.

You guys know I love sustainability, fashion, and being in my bag as the kids say.

So imagine how great it feels to be able to combine all three of those things at once?

With Poshmark I’m able to make room in my closet, while earning a little extra pocket change to invest, or even spend on new clothes.

As a Posh Ambassador, here are my tips for success:

  • Pictures! Take a variety of pictures in good lighting. I’ve had the best luck showing how to style an item, and sometimes potential buyers will even want the FULL look that’s pictured, as opposed to the one listed item.
  • Over Communicate. Keep buyers updated on their order. Tell them thank you, and followup post delivery.
  • Stay on trend. Everyday brands like Free People, SPELL, or American Eagle yield great success and ROI on Poshmark. That said, if vintage is your jam, that’s a great niche and you can find success within that market as well!
  • Packaging. As a shopper myself, and an advertiser, I care about the customer’s experience from start to finish. This means I package items nicely. I wrap all items in tissue paper and utilize customer mailer boxes or envelopes. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative but still want to stand out, you can purchase colorful mailers on Amazon. As an extra touch, I write Thank You notes, and send discount cards for brands I collab with, as well as cards promoting my blog and LTK shop!
  • Be ready for taxes. New tax laws are not only here to stick it to the Middle Class, but now mean any profit exceeding $600 is reported (as opposed to the original threshold of $20,000). Be mindful this way there are no surprises next year during tax time!

Example Listing

Shop (some of) my closet

SPELL Bodhi Robe M/L
SPELL Dusk Men’s Shirt XXL
SPELL Journey Tunic XXL
SPELL Joni Robe M/L

If you’re looking to clear out your closet, or just make some extra money, start your closet on Posh today! Sign up with code: JASMINEMJONES or just click here.


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