Recession-Proof Skincare

While the jury is still out regarding if we are in a recession or not, I think it’s safe to say we are all scaling back and being more mindful of our spending.

But just because you’re mindful, doesn’t mean you need to give up simple luxuries.

One such luxury being skincare.

As a skincare girlie, I’ve used everything from drug store products to $500 French moisturizers.

And in my 31 years on this earth, I can honestly say that just because a product has a higher price tag, it doesn’t mean it’s more effective.

That said, some products really are worth their price tag.

One such product is the Discoloration Serum from SkinCeuticals. Priced at $102, this serum goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly, and isn’t sticky.

Suited for Dry, Normal, Oily, and Combination skin, this serum is optimal for those battling dark spots or mild hyperpigmentation.

But what about if you’re trying to save a few dollars?

Babe, I got you!

Good Molecules is a clean (and affordable) skincare brand. I love everything I have tried from them.

So if you’re searching for an affordable, potent discoloration serum, they have a fabulous one.

For best results, always consult your derm or skincare professional for a more tailored plan. But for me, I tend to apply my Discoloration Serum in the morning and evening. I’m the morning I use it alongside my Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner.

You can see a difference in your skin typically in two weeks.

Remember, saving money is good but don’t cut corners that might cost you more in the long run…I’m look at those of you putting lemon on your face!


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