Why you need to own at least one Lack of Color hat

If you’ve ever wondered why hats are so much fun, it’s because they give us the opportunity to change our look on a whim.

I mean, come on – whether you want to dress your look up or down, a hat can be the perfect way to do it all.

And if you’re looking for a hat that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or had, there’s no better brand than Lack of Color. Their hats are designed with care and thought—thereby allowing them to be worn for any occasion, making it effortless to completely change your look.

Founded in 2011 by Rob and Tess, Lack of Color was formed to reinvent the hat game and provide a sense of nostalgia and style with each design. What makes their hats so magical is that each hat is designed with care, and thought – something you pick up on with each wear.

One of my favorite things about their hats is that they use 100% Australian wool and sustainably sourced straw. If you’ve ever ordered from them before, then chances are you will recognize their recycled cardboard boxes and swing tags as well!

There are a variety of different styles and colors available

This means it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. But don’t worry! Lack of Color has you covered with their Face Shape Guide. And if you need sizing help, they have a guide for that as well. But as someone who likes options, I have a size medium, and a size large in their Rancher hats.

The Rose Rancher was my first LOC hat purchase, and I actually scooped it up from Love Shack Fancy in Highland Park. I had seen the hats online but never in-store, so I was thrilled to be able to try them on. Find your Rose Rancher here. And for a full range of my Lack of Color faves to shop, check out my LTK!

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