The Posh Life: Monetizing YOUR Closet

If you’re looking to sell your clothes, shoes, and purses, look no further than Poshmark. It’s a popular app with millions of users that lets you sell your clothes and accessories in a safe, secure environment.

There are several reasons why you might want to sell your items on Poshmark:

1) You want to make some extra cash and declutter. With the app, you can take pictures of all your items and put them up for sale. The app also allows users to set their own price for each item they are selling.

2) You have something unique and interesting – If you have something unique or interesting that people might be interested in buying from you, then selling on Poshmark could be a good idea for you. If your item is hard-to-find or rare, then selling it on Poshmark could be a great way for someone else to get it!

3) You want someone else to enjoy your items – If you don’t use them anymore or if they just aren’t looking their best anymore, then selling them on Poshmark could be a good way for someone else to enjoy them again!

Getting started on Poshmark:

  1. Sign up for an account, after downloading the Poshmark app in the App Store. Use code: JASMINEMJONES for a credit off your first purchase!
  2. Figure out what you want to sell, and then list it. Popular brands include: Free People, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Spell, and Victoria’s Secret.
  3. Add a nice variety of photos of your item and write a short description about what it is, and an honest breakdown of the condition. I like to showcase the item on myself and how I’ve styled it. But if I don’t have a photo in the item, I pull a lifestyle photo from the manufacturer.
  4. Publish your listing
  5. Participate in virtual Posh parties and share other Poshers listings to garner more engagement and exposure. This also gives you a higher chance of making a sale!

When you make a sale, it’s best to ship the item(s) as quickly as possible. As an added touch, I recommend wrapping your buyers new items in tissue paper, and then sending a thank you note. I use cute mailers from Amazon which you can find linked here.

Once your buyer receives their order, they have 3 days to accept. When they accept, funds are released for you to deposit in a variety of ways.

Check out my podcast for more on monetizing your closet! Listen on Apple and Spotify.


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