Volunteer Park Conservatory

Nestled in Volunteer Park, the Conservatory is a welcome attraction for both locals and tourists. Featuring a Victorian glasshouse, and other distinct architectural traits, this historic staple has been on Capitol Hill since 1912. Inside visitors are treated to multiple houses featuring a variety of plant life, including tropical and subtropical. I enjoyed my afternoon [...]

Hello, Seattle

Have you ever been to a place that just felt like home, every single time you went? For me Seattle is that place. Manhattan was number one, until this year when I experienced my first bomb cyclone. That was one of the moments where I will proudly admit defeat and say that my mom was [...]

Enjoy the ride

If there’s one rule to follow in this life it’s this: Do not allow yourself to get stuck. Getting stuck, and falling stagnant are one in the same. Pick up a new hobby like painting. Or move to a new city — it doesn’t even have to be big…just new to you. Travel somewhere you’ve [...]

Here’s why you should try the Tourist Traps at least ONCE

Whether it’s New York City’s Time Square or Seattle’s Pike Place Market, somewhere along the way, I began to think I was “too cool” for these spots as they were high tourist areas. I’ve been to Washington, New York, and countless other states numerous times and never had done any of the local tourist traps. [...]