Today you are you

Oh, hey recent graduates!

This post is for y o u.

I know you’re probably overwhelmed with all the feels, but just know that I’m proud of you.

Whether you’re graduating high school, college or a post graduate program — you did it. And it wasn’t always easy.

Just know that after this point, everything will be over in a flash.

There really is no extra credit or do over once you make it to the real world.

And if I could give any advice to you guys, or even my younger self, it would be to leave anything that doesn’t feel right — immediately.

Try to avoid a career your parents want you to do if you know it won’t make you happy.

In fact, just avoid anything that mirrors trying to live someone else’s life or dream. Because your time on this earth is not endless.

It’s so cliche but trust me: in this life, happiness really is the end goal. Money is cool, but it really isn’t everything.

If I could go backwards I might have enjoyed life a tad more instead of consuming myself with my work.

You only get one life. So do you really want to spend it chained to a desk under shit fluorescent lighting?

If you said “yes,” I have the number to an excellent therapist.

Also, you’re going to fail. You’re going to not get every job you apply to. And you’re going to have people tell you that you can’t do it. But you can and you will. And if you do fail — that’s okay! That’s not the end!

Fall down 10 times and get up 11.

You’ve got this.

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