Day Old Fries

“Would you eat day-old fries?”

That’s the question my brother recently asked.

I was confused. And pondered why he needed to know… I mean what a weird question, right?

Common sense says fries are good fresh, and never any other time.

I told him this.

“So why would you want to go back to a situation or relationship that didn’t work the first time?”


Sometimes we try to go back to something (or someone) because of a fear of the new, or because we long for those moments that one day became lingering memories.

More often than not, going down a road you’ve been before, just ends up wasting time.

Memories are great, but they’re not sustainable. And if you’re anything like me, you romanticize things.

Things don’t work for a reason.

Forgive people for the hurt they caused you, but don’t force them back into your life.

Again: Things end for a reason. And that’s okay.

Clinging to your past will prevent you from enjoying a new adventure, and who wants that?

I’ve learned that moving on is a sign of growth. Moving on from anyone or anything that stunted your progress can be hard, but it’s worth it in the end.

So I guess I have to end this with one thing: why would you ever want to go backwards when the view ahead is so much better?

New people, places, or experiences can be scary, but the best things come from a little risk.

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