Soak up the sun

Whether you’re traveling this summer or just soaking up the sun poolside, a pair of classic oversized sunnies can be just what the doctor ordered! I usually get my sunnies from my Optometrist this way they can be prescribed since I’m blind as a bat. But after strolling through Highland Park Village one afternoon and landing in Celine, I fell in love. Seriously. After trying these Celine Studded Acetate Sunglasses sunnies on…I was reliving my peak 2000s glory days.

As many of you may or may not know, I have been trying to be cognizant of my spending and this means making more mindful choices, and ultimately being less impulsive – especially with a recession looming. But after two months of contemplation, I went back for the Celine sunnies. And I have absolutely zero regrets, and in case you were wondering. And as for how I will manage to see?

Thank the Good Lord Above for contacts, which I will be using once again.

And while we are expressing gratitude, thank goodness I outgrew my tacky turquoise contact phase.

Not everything from 2004 should make a comeback.

Let’s do the math

Making the choice to invest in a luxury good is just that – an investment. The goal is to ideally buy something that yes, has some trend appeal, but is ultimately timeless. Whenever I contemplate a big purchase (of any kind), I ask myself “Will I like this in 5 years?” And if I were to sell – would I get my money back?

Lastly, I like to calculate the CPW (cost per wear). If I know I will wear these not only by the pool, or when running errands, but also when in traffic every day driving to and from work – they’ve already paid for themselves. If you are opting for a luxe pair, such as the Celine sunnies, cash is king. But if you are not paying cash or debit – try to use a card with a low APR and high ROI (return on investment). You could even use the Nordstrom credit card, make it a triple-point day (or shop on one of their 10-point days), and earn some money back in the form of Nordstrom Notes. That said, debt is not sexy! So if you cannot afford the Celines, opt for a less expensive pair. Just because something cost less, does not mean the integrity of the style has to be sacrificed!

Bougee on a budget, babes!

Something for everyone

A large frame is so flattering and chic. A true statement piece. If you’re not wanting to drop a couple hundred on these, I linked some similar styles for every budget — including some under $50!

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