The Tote Bag: An Honest Review

Let’s talk about one of my favorite handbags, The Tote Bag by Marc Jacobs. This bag is great for work, travel, and everyday wear.

I’ve had this bag for quite some time now, as I purchased it when it first came out (before you saw it everywhere). I say that to say after all of this time, it is worth every penny and has held up quite nicely. 

Now available in a multitude of sizes, colors, and fabrics, you can comfortably fit a MacBook pro in this bag along with your cosmetic bag, a bottle of Evian, and your agenda.  

When purchasing a bag, whether it is $30 or $300, it is important to think about longevity. Is this purchase optimal for your lifestyle? Will it hold up over time?

This bag does all of that and more.

I opted for the largest size which at the time didn’t have hooks for a strap. Because I loved the gorgeous straps so much, I asked my tailor for help. She sewed some strap hooks on the bag and we were in business!

Marc Jacobs is one of those designers that I will love through every phase of my life. I still remember my first designer bag of his which was the Francesca. Never a fan of blending in, I opted for the purple. The pebbled leather still looks new, and yes – I have that bag all of these years later. 

Shop my fave totes right here.


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