Let’s Review the Dyson Cordless V8 Vacuum

Your girl LOVES shopping, like loves. It should come as no surprise that I am obsessed with luxe staples, skincare, and as of late: home appliances – not to be confused with cooking tools. 

I still loathe my air fryer and fail to see the appeal. 

This weekend I took advantage of the Dyson sale and nabbed one at Target for a total steal. 

I felt like a kid at Christmas. Seriously, I didn’t even recognize myself. Once upon a time, I would get excited about a new dress…now it’s a vacuum. 

But wow. This wasn’t just any vacuum, y’all! Assembly was idiot-proof, except for the charging station. That’s still chilling in the box but I will figure it out someday…or just have my next Tinder fling do it for me. 


I’m going to pause on the flings and romance after last week’s events, and just do me. Literally. 

Out of the box

Your Dyson arrives 20% charged which lasted me quite a bit. I charged it overnight and woke up and cleaned every ounce of my apartment. Although I have hardwood floors with area rugs, I was shocked at how much debris this thing picked up.

I opted for the V8 Cordless Origin and regret nothing. When fully charged your Dyson can last somewhere around 5 hours unplugged which is pretty gnarly. The cup makes disposing of gunk easy and this machine is so lightweight.

Shop my new Dyson and other faves right here. 


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