Ladies, let’s talk about Gut Health

Your girl started taking probiotics about 2-3 years ago after a wild case of strep throat and a friend saying, “you better be doubling up on the probiotics!” 

I gasped and was like, “Ummm, double up? I don’t even take one probiotic!”

And when asked I guess I just never thought about why to take one, you know? 

So I talked to my PCP (primary care provider, I think is what that means…) and I got started.

After adding the vital supplement to my routine, and trying so many brands and types of probiotics, I feel like talking about why you need a probiotic, and my new personal fave!

1.) Why you need a probiotic

Most of our digestive tracts are a little funky. I mean, between the things we eat, and drink, and then just the daily stresses of life…it’s not uncommon to need a little help managing your gut health!

2.) What probiotic I’m loving

hers created an amazing probiotic that flushes toxins from your intestines and balances the bacteria lingering in your gut. Oh, and it adds healthy bacteria to help you keep metabolism, digestion, and mood in balance. Because of this simple fact, it’s a must in my routine. My personal best practice? Taking this on an empty stomach for maximum effect.

What about you? Probiotic fan or nah? Sound off in the comments!


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