And just like that — you’re complete

I remember saying when you hit 30, your shit just magically would piece together. And to an extent, it totally does.

But what really needs to be addressed about the aging and maturing process, is that sense of self-love, worthiness and wisdom that hits.

Almost instantly, in fact.

You begin to spend nights inside reading a good book. Something that inspires and uplifts.

You work on or start to find new hobbies.

You fall in love with learning new things.

The number of people in your squad become smaller, but tighter. No longer are you friends with people just for the sake of numerical social media counts. Filler friends no longer satisfy you.

Instead, you’re noticing a pattern: your friends are people that are constantly pushing the needle. There’s no jealousy. No snide “jokes” that sting. Everyone is kicking ass and motivating each other.

But even then, you’re noticing that you also love being alone. Sure, your squad is legit, and there are no more draining people in it. But you also love being by yourself.

You don’t have to be around people because you hate the sound of silence.

Working on yourself becomes a daily process that you look forward to. Growth brings you joy, even if it’s small.

Health and fitness is no longer a daunting, annoying task, but instead, something you love and look forward to. You notice that it makes you look better, sure…but also feel better.

Younger me always thought completeness came from the best things: cars, money, clothes, attractive yet dense men…

But as I grew up, I noticed that I still felt empty. My soul felt hungry.

I was hungry.

Doing things for appearances was no longer fun. There was no purpose being fulfilled. I was simply existing.

After having enough of that, it’s like one day I woke up.

Suddenly, I realized that I actually did have my shit together. And that was simply because I was trying to better myself from the inside – not out.

Having your shit together is a mindset.

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