All along, you were blooming

There’s this saying:

“You don’t wake up as the butterfly.”

That resonates with me for so many reasons, i mean, talk about symbolism…right?!

I mean think about it.

Butterflies don’t just happen. It’s a process. Kind of like growth.

Growth isn’t linear.

Everyone path and journey is different.

Trust in yourself.

Nurture yourself.

Embrace each step, because one day you’ll be busting out of your cocoon and looking back, smiling at how far you came.

If I could tell you any slice of advice, it would be to make sure you don’t get stuck in the past, while also not trying to race forward into a future you aren’t yet ready for.

Embrace today with all of the love and fire in your soul.

This is your time to blossom into a beautiful butterfly — I mean, all along, you really were blooming 🦋

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