E is for Exhaustion

I have a penchant for pushing myself. I am an overachiever by birth, and an ass-kicker by choice. So you can bet your bottom dollar that even if I fall ill or have 101 other things to do, I will chop away at my priority list and get through everything with style, grace, and a [...]

About last night

Last night I did something crazy. Wild even. I went to bed without any noise. Just the sounds of mother nature and cars passing by. Anyone who knows me knows that at home I always fall asleep to something.  Seriously.  It could be a documentary in another language, a live reenactment of The Nutcracker, or even old-school [...]

Strip it down

I spent my Monday morning in my underwear and a backless robe. No, this isn’t the start of a dirty novel or a caption for my nonexistent Only Fans. Instead, after nonchalantly telling one of my doctors about a mole that had grown on my back, I was referred to a derm in my local [...]